APAC Beauty Industry Study

Melissa Pang
December 18, 2018, 2:00 AM GMT+0

Consumer Behaviour for Choosing Personal Care Products

The personal care industry has extended beyond the traditional female market. Latest YouGov survey finds that 73% of male consumers in APAC use face care products on a regular basis. 33% of men also admit that they use cosmetics on a regular basis. With more and more male consumers paying more attention on their appearance, it is crucial for industry players to understand the consumer purchase journey in order to capture the market share.

YouGov, an international data and analytics group, investigates the change of consumer habits on using personal care products across 10 markets across APAC, with an aim of helping industry marketing and brand practitioners better understand the needs of their customers. Some questions addressed in this research include:

  • Where do consumers get information about face care products and cosmetics?
  • Are beauty bloggers, spokesperson, and reviews by general users impacting consumers’ decisions on buying personal care products?
  • What would attract consumers to try out a new personal care product?
  • What frequency, and where do consumers buy face care products and cosmetics?

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Photo source: Getty Image