S’pore adults intend to always mask up on private transport and at airports

Fiona Robinson
August 29, 2022, 4:00 AM GMT+0

Despite lifting of mandate, people are still uncomfortable without masks in certain places

From today, wearing a mask in Singapore is optional in most indoor settings, marking the first time residents can go mask-free indoors since it was mandated in April 2020. Even as it is made voluntary, latest data from YouGov RealTime Omnibus indicates that most still intend to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces, at least some of the time.

Private transport modes, like private bus services and taxis (60%), together with airports and train stations (58%), are the two locations most residents will go as far as to mask up all the time, with six in ten saying so.

Apart from this, nearly half said they will always wear a mask in shopping centres (48%), while four in ten will do so at indoor events or festivals (39%) and places of worship (37%). A third will constantly keep their masks on in cinemas (34%) and indoor workplaces (33%).

Conversely, locations where residents were most likely to say they would never wear a mask are at a friend or family member’s house (34%).

For the most part, where Singapore residents will opt to always wear a mask is consistent with where they feel the most vulnerable. When asked about their level of comfort in visiting the same locations, private transport (41%), airports or train stations (40%) and indoor events or festivals (40%) emerged as the places people felt most uncomfortable.

This was followed by nightlife establishments (35%) – with more residents expressing a greater degree of discomfort – and cinemas (32%). Three in ten said they feel uncomfortable visiting shopping centres (30%), places of worship (30%), indoor workplaces (27%) and F&B establishments (26%).

Additionally, those above the age of 55 were most likely to say they would be uncomfortable visiting any of these locations, with the exception of friends and family’s homes.


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