Half of Singaporean gamers gaming more in a COVID world

Kim HoPR Manager
October 29, 2020, 10:03 AM GMT+0

Stress relief and killing time cited as top two reasons to game

Latest data from YouGov’s Gaming and esports: The next generation white paper provides an analysis of the global video games and esports landscape across 24 markets. New data provides insights on the current e-sport and gaming landscape in Singapore, including gaming behaviour, reasons to game, and how the pandemic has affected gamer life.

Three quarters (76%) of Singaporeans play some form of video or mobile games. Amongst those aged 18 to 24, this jumps to 90%. Even amongst those over the age of 55, over half (56%) are gamers. About two in five (38%) gamers have been gaming for more than ten years.

In spite of the multitude of gaming platforms available on the market, the smartphone stands as the most popular device to game on, with nine in ten (92%) gamers using to play games. This is followed by desktop / laptop computers (44%), tablets (32%) and games consoles (28%). Most gamers also prefer to play alone, with almost nine in ten (87%) choosing to game by themselves.

While some gamers cite competition (19%) and self-expression (12%) as a reason for gaming, the top two reasons Singaporean gamers like to game is that it is a form of stress relief (65%) and it kills time (60%). Four in ten (42%) say they game as a distraction from everyday life.

Similar to how content has shifted to a subscription model in recent years, gaming subscription services are also gaining popularity. Subscription gaming services enable users to stream games online on various devices for a fee. Two in ten (21%) gamers have a subscription to a gaming service, with PlayStation Now being the most popular (9%) followed closely by Nintendo Switch Online (8%). The top two most subscribed gaming services are also the most well-known. Amongst gamers, the most well-known subscription service is Nintendo Switch Online, with over two thirds (68%) having heard of it, and amongst non-gamers it is PlayStation Online (58%).

Singaporeans are not only avid gamers, there is also a significant amount who are interested in e-sports. E-sports refers to competitive video gaming primarily in the form of organised events typically between professional / sponsored gamers or teams. One in six (17%) Singaporean gamers have engaged in esports in the past twelve months.

Like with most facets in life, the pandemic has also affected gamer behaviour. About half (47%) are playing more video games. This is particularly true for Singaporean gamers aged 18 to 24, with three in five (59%) saying they are playing more video games compared to last year.

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***Results based on 1,053 Singaporeans surveyed on YouGov Omnibus