Nearly two-thirds of Singaporeans think Mother’s Day is a proper occasion for celebration

Bhawna SinghPublic Relations Lead, APAC & MENA
May 09, 2024, 5:29 AM GMT+0

Ahead of Mother’s Day that is going to be celebrated on 12th May, latest data from YouGov shows that nearly two-thirds of Singaporeans think (64%) it is a proper occasion that needs to be celebrated. Almost one in five (18%) tend to believe that it is an occasion that people would not celebrate if it weren’t for pressure from brands. Slightly fewer (13%) tend to see it as more of a celebration due to social pressure.

Younger Singaporeans are more likely than older adults to consider Mother’s Day a legitimate occasion. Seven in ten Singaporeans who are GenZ (71%) consider the day to be a proper occasion, compared to 24% who say otherwise. 62% GenX and 68% Baby Boomers tend to see Mother’s Day as a proper occasion (62%), as do about six in ten of millennials (60%).

In general, Singaporeans are more likely to believe that Mother’s Day is a proper celebration when compared to other days, such as, Father’s Day (61% say it is a proper occasion), New Year’s eve (59%), dating anniversaries (28%), Valentine’s Day or International Women’s Day (24% each).

Only when compared to two other occasions- Birthdays and Wedding anniversaries- Singaporeans are less likely to consider Mother’s Day as a proper occasion for celebration.

Thinking about the occasion this year, 55% of Singaporeans say they plan to celebrate Mother’s Day. Two in five of even those who believe Mother’s Day is celebrated because of social pressure (41%) intend to mark the day this year, as opposed to 36% who will not.

Giving gifts is considered as the most ideal way to celebrate Mother’s Day (48%). GenZ are more likely to say this (at 65%) as compared to the other generations.

Arranging an outing or vacation is the next best way to enjoy the day (46%), followed by preparing a home cooked meal (40%), taking over all household chores from them for a day (35%).

Comparatively, fewer Singaporeans consider giving a bouquet of flowers (28%), giving a heartfelt card (26%) or an amazing spa or wellness activity (21%) as a way to mark this special day.

Methodology: YouGov Surveys: Serviced provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This study was conducted online between 29 April and 2 May 2024, with a national sample of 1,115 Singaporeans, using a questionnaire designed by YouGov. Data figures have been weighted by age, gender, and location to be representative of all adults in Singaporeans (18 years or older) as per the latest population estimates. Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Serviced.