Four in ten S’pore millennials say they would live in athleisure if they could

Fiona Robinson
May 24, 2022, 3:00 AM GMT+0

Millennials also more likely than the general population to wear the product category outside of workout settings

One of the biggest trends in the fashion and retail sectors in recent years is the rise of athleisure – athletic gear that is also designed and worn for leisure or day-to-day activities. Latest data from YouGov RealTime Omnibus hints that millennials in particular are soaking up the trend, with over four in ten agreeing that they would live in athleisure if they could (44%) – higher than that of the general population who say the same (35%). Male millennials are especially fond of living in athleisure, with over half saying they would (55%).

This strong interest also appears to translate to purchase behaviour, with almost six in ten saying they have purchased athleisure before and would repurchase it (59%) compared to under half of the general population (49%).

A deep dive into the occasions millennials would wear athleisure indicates that they are more likely than the general population to wear them for all of the given settings.

Millennials were most likely to say they would wear athleisure to workout (55%) or to play a sport (47%), while a further four in ten say they would wear it to run errands (41%). An additional third say they would wear athleisure for social gatherings (35%), at home (34%) or to travel (33%), and a final one in ten would go as far as to wear it to work (12%).

While millennials were more likely to say they wear athleisure in all settings than the overall population, the biggest difference in attitudes is seen in wearing athleisure at home, with a third of millennials saying they would (34%) as compared to a fewer quarter of the population (25%).

Millennials were also less likely to say they do not wear athleisure at all (17% for millennials vs 23% for Singapore total), reiterating the greater enthusiasm for the product category.

***Results based on 1,051 Singapore residents surveyed on YouGov RealTime Omnibus. Millennials accounted for 318 of the 1,051 respondents.