South East Asia Business Awards recognise YouGov in APAC

Awarded Research Data and Analytics Group of the Year 2020 and 2021, Two Years In a Row

South East Asia has undoubtedly become a dominant force on the business landscape across a number of significant industries. Whilst other markets have stagnated in light of difficulties over the last couple of years, the region has ploughed on, finding strength and momentum as it capitalises on opportunities. Businesses in South East Asia are defined by an entrepreneurial spirit and a need to be greater, better, more innovative. Those values are the cornerstone of business in the region, and look set to define its future.

The South East Asia Business Awards 2021 honours businesses and enterprises that drove the region’s continued growth and success, especially over the past year under the pandemic. During this difficult period, YouGov knows how necessary the public health organisations need to understand what the world thinks and get hold of the latest consumer behavioural data. As an international research data and analytics group, we asked people to share their experiences of the global pandemic since March, 2020; and provided health organisations with that unique insights to help them fight the spread of the virus. We believe our business excellence and strong reputation in supplying a constant and evolving stream of accurate data and insights is one of the reasons why we are recognised.

What are the South East Asia Business Awards?

APAC Insider magazine launched the South East Asia Business Awards in 2019 to demonstrate business achievements over the past 12 months and serves as an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to promoting business excellence. All the winners are decided upon via votes gathered from their network of respected industry partners and their own painstaking in-house research. The judging panel casts their final judgment based on various criteria, e.g. business performance, longevity, diversification, growth (either sustained or rapid), significant innovations, feedback from stakeholders etc., to ensure that only the most deserving company wins a particular award.

About APAC Insider

APAC Insider magazine is published by Al Global Media, a UK-based publishing group that launched in 2010. APAC Insider has been organising awards in APAC for five years.

Published quarterly, APAC Insider endeavours to bring you the latest need-to-know business content and updates from across the Asia Pacific Region.

Keeping pace with a vast array of ever-changing sectors thanks to regular contributions from some of the region’s foremost corporate professionals, APAC Insider is home to the very best news, features and comment from the people and institutions in the know.

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