International Innovation Awards® 2020 recognises YouGov Direct

YouGov Direct is one of the most innovative service solutions in the Asia Pacific

Delivering incredibly fast research results, this self-service and multi-purpose research platform promotes data consent and total transparency. YouGov Direct has therefore been identified as one of the most innovative service solutions in the Asia Pacific by International Innovation Awards® 2020.

As a self-service platform designed for advertisers, media agencies, and publishers, YouGov Direct allows you to precisely target the audience you need, in the moment you need it, and deliver your research with exceptional speed.

At the International Innovation Awards® 2020 Award Ceremony:

About International Innovation Awards® 2020

The International Innovation Awards is an annual regional recognition program that recognises outstanding innovations, and in the process, encouraging organisations to continue investing in innovations. The awards are organised annually by Enterprise Asia and in 2020, the theme of IIA 2020 was to promote transparency and the benefits of credibility, accountability and autonomy.

About the Award Organiser

Enterprise Asia is a regional NGO that aims to create an innovation ecosystem for enterprises. 2020 was the 4th year that Enterprise Asia has successfully organised the International Innovation Awards globally to recognise outstanding innovations in the categories of “Product”, “Service & Solutions” and “Organisation & Culture”.

For further information, please visit the International Innovation Awards website.