S’pore adults aged 18-24 have greatest intention to increase spending on live entertainment

Fiona Robinson
July 28, 2022, 4:00 AM GMT+0

Streaming services are also set to see most consistent spend among the group

While the entertainment sphere in Singapore has seen significant uplift with the return of live concerts and performances – including the Singapore Grand Prix, which released its full entertainment line-up last week – are consumers looking to up spending for the sector after two years of inactivity due to Covid-19? A new YouGov RealTime Omnibus survey reveals that young adults are most likely to spend more on live entertainment (such as concerts, sporting events, etc) now than they did last year, with one-third of those aged 18-24 saying so (29%).

This compares to one-fifth of those aged 25-34 (21%), and an even fewer one in ten of those aged 35-44 (8%) and 45-55 (9%). Those above the age of 55 were least likely to say they would spend more on live entertainment (6%) and most likely to say they would spend less (64%).

Of the three entertainment categories that respondents were surveyed on, live entertainment also emerged as the consumer category most likely to see greater spend among young adults aged 18-24.

Meanwhile, consumer electronics is set to see the second-highest increase in spending, with just over a quarter of those of the group saying they will spend more on electronics like smartphones and gaming consoles (28%).

While a fewer one in six expect to up spend on streaming services like Netflix and Spotify (17%), it is the entertainment category slated to see the most consistent spend. Over six in ten said they will spend about the same amount as they did last year (64%), while just one in five said they would spend less (19%).


YouGov RealTime Omnibus provides quick survey results from nationally representative or targeted audiences in multiple markets. This study was conducted online in June 2022, with a nationally representative sample of 1,050 adults in Singapore (aged 18+ years), using a questionnaire designed by YouGov. Adults aged 18-24 accounted for 117 of the 1,050 respondents. Data figures have been weighted by age, gender, and ethnicity to be representative of all adults in Singapore (18 years or older), and reflect the latest Singapore Department of Statistics (DOS) estimates. Learn more about YouGov RealTime Omnibus.