How Allison+Partners used audience insights to inform TikTok’s campaign launch with YouGov RealTime

How Allison+Partners used audience insights to inform TikTok’s campaign launch with YouGov RealTime

The challenge

To strengthen people’s appreciation of TikTok and successfully launch TikTok’s first ever All-Star Southeast Asia 2019 campaign.

The solution

Gather public opinion via YouGov RealTime’s fast-turnaround omnibus surveys and implement the findings to support the campaign.

The results

A successful research-informed campaign that gained global coverage, with TikTok receiving more than 300,000 submissions and driving 500 million views.

Business challenge

TikTok, through Allison + Partners (a global marketing and communications agency), wanted to identify how consumers define creativity and what role short-form mobile video platforms such as TikTok, together with content creators, play in growing the creative landscape in Southeast Asia. The end goal was to further strengthen people’s appreciation of TikTok as a home for creative expression via TikTok’s first ever All-Star Southeast Asia (SEA) 2019 campaign, launched to discover new creators by encouraging them to submit their video entries to TikTok. The entries would face judging by a panel of celebrities and accomplished content creators before advancing for a public vote.

Solutions & approach

Gathering opinions from the general population through YouGov RealTime’s cost-effective, full-service omnibus research, the findings were used to help inform the strategy of the campaign.

The research study covered 6 countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, with a total, representative sample of 8,400 adults aged 18 and above. Fieldwork was conducted quickly online, with a 4-day turnaround on results. Questions were fielded in English as well as Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai and Vietnamese.

The research uncovered the perceived importance of creativity and content creators in the Southeast Asia region, for both current perceptions today and in the future as well. It also explored regional preferences between popular mediums like photos/ illustrations, music and video in expressing creativity.


Conclusively, the research supported the notion that platforms, like TikTok, can be an important driver to the creative economy in Southeast Asia, helping to shape and validate the campaign strategy behind TikTok All-Star SEA. The resultant TikTok All-Star SEA campaign landed coverage on multiple news and lifestyle platforms across six different markets and was hailed a great success, with TikTok receiving more than 300,000 submissions and driving 500 million views to the platform with the initiative.

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