Asians' Favourite Fruits

Asians' Favourite Fruits

Mango (14%) ranks top as Asia's favourite fruit followed by Durian (11%) and Watermelon (10%). With its soft texture and sweet taste, it's not surprising that panelist ranks it top due to its good taste (84%) and high nutritious value (27%).

Durian ranks second but 88% do agree that it is tasty. Just how tasty is it? Check out your nearest grocery store for quick bite! Alternatively, check out the delicious durian pancake that's gaining popularity in the region! Feel like starting a DIY food session? Checkout the recipe below and have a go!

Watermelon, the 3rd favourite is a great thirst quencher after a day out in the sun but that's not all. The strongest reason amongst those who liked the fruit is its relatively low price compared to other kinds of fruits available.

75% of panelists agree that the Kiwi is nutritious in value. Did you know that Kiwi is a great source for Vitamin C, protects against Asthma and is a great source of dietary fiber ;) (source: The World's Healthiest Foods)

Interested to make some delicious fruit desserts? Check out the recipes below:

Durian Cream Pancake Rolls (source: wendyinkk.blogspot) | Mango Ice-Cream Tart (source:

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